The Internet & Copyright Infringement

If you’re new to the Internets, or simply don’t spend every waking hour on the Twitter or Facebook, then you may not know about a little conundrum Cooks Source is currently facing that’s blowing up all over the interwebs.

You can read a great rundown of the sitch – and constantly updated links to related press – here.

Cooks Source (it’s killing me to not put in an apostrophe!) is an online and print magazine that turns a tidy advertising profit on recipes and food-related articles. Articles that we now come to find are plagiarized and stolen from online sources.

Note: The Internet (yes, it’s still a proper noun, capitalize it!) is NOT the public domain. Some content is not copyrighted, some is copyrighted. When in doubt, consider it copyrighted.

The editor at Cooks Source is taking a drubbing, rightfully so, and a Facebook page has popped up to document all of the stolen work – with links to the originals from the likes of NPR, a Disney affiliate, Paula Deen, Food Network, Weight Watchers, and more.

You can now also follow Cooks Source on Twitter, though, this account is to the magazine what @BPGlobalPR is to British Petroleum, so be warned.

All this, of course, we post because it’s humorous and interesting, but also because it’s an important conversation to have as posters of delicious recipes.

We here at Cream City Cuisine do find inspiration in other publications. When we write a recipe based off someone’s work – even if our recipe is different, has a local twist, also includes booze, whathaveyou – we do our best to let you know where that inspiration came from. The beauty of cooking is that a simple recipe can turn into a delicious personalized dish with just the right amount of spice, flare, and switcheroo.

This makes recipes incredibly hard to copyright and protect. Google a dish, and you’ll likely find several choices – all curiously similar in wording and content.

That’s cooking for you. But please know that we do our best to provide you with original dishes made to complement or showcase our lovely Wisconsin-made products.

Happy Morally-Conscious Cooking,

The @CCCuisine Team.

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