Eat Local Challenge – Day 1

Why can I never say “Eat Local Challenge” in anything other than the Ben Bailey Cash Cab voice? In my mind I usually hear it as “EAT LOOOCAL CHALLEEEEEEEEEEENGE!” and then fruitlessly wait for a trivia question.

Today starts my two-week eat local commitment. When I first committed to this challenge I thought, “Hey, no probs, I’ll hit up the farmers’ market and stock the fridge and pantry to the gills with generous local-lovin’.”

Unfortunately, September starts today, and the farmers’ market I had planned to go to is on Saturday.

The good news is that my name was picked in a drawing at the Eat Local Resource Fair last weekend to win some goods from the Fondy Farmers’ Market. Woot! I can pick that up today and it should tide me over until Saturday.

The bad news is that I have little local foodstuffs for today’s breakfast and lunch.

No worries, though, because this brings me to my very first product promo for the challenge: Alterra Coffee Roasters. I said in my inaugural post that my challenge commits me to eating anything and everything from within the borders of our fine state of Wisconsin…with the very important exception of coffee, because I must needs my coffee. With that in mind, I am limiting myself to locally-roasted coffee, my favorite of which is Alterra.

Armed with this exception, I headed over to the Humboldt Alterra Cafe for some breakfast, as they not only locally-roast their coffee beans, but also use local ingredients in their food. I’m on a low-carb diet, which limited my menu selection, but I chose the Farmer O’Brien breakfast burrito  and simply ate all of the innards out of the tortilla.

The burrito featured the following:
Yuppie Hill Eggs
Carr Valley Cheese (or Vern’s, it was a handwritten special and now I can’t remember)
Usinger’s Breakfast Sausage
Peppers, onions, and jalapenos (I, unfortunately, don’t know where these came from)

For $1 more I ordered a coffee:
Cafe Voltaire Blend – I admit a blend named after the French philosopher who was rumored to drink 50 cups of coffee a day was the main selling point.

So, my inauguration into this Eat Local Challenge has started off a bit rocky, but I promise to adhere to my Wisconsin border parameter for 100% of my eating starting this evening.

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