Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

In what was a Cream City Cuisine first, we bring you the following recipe. See if you can’t figure out what that “first” was.

Lemon Ricotta Pancakes


1 cup ricotta cheese

3/4 cup flour

1/2 tsp baking powder

1 1/2 tbsp sugar

pinch salt

3/4 cup milk

3 eggs, divided

1/2 tsp vanilla

zest of 1 lemon


Place one 16 oz container of ricotta cheese in wire mesh strainer to drain excess liquid.

Mix flour, baking powder, sugar, and salt in medium bowl. Combine entire 16 oz tub of ricotta, milk, egg yolks, vanilla, and lemon zest in large bowl. Resign yourself to washing a large amount of dishes after finished with this recipe. In yet another separate bowl, beat egg whites until stiff.

Add dry ingredients to ricotta and milk mixture, stirring gently until just combined. Whisk in small amount of egg whites to lighten batter, and then gently fold in the remaining.

We don’t know what “fold in” means either, we just interpret it as slow and gentle stirring, one stroke at a time.

Heat griddle over medium-high heat. To avoid the Rule of the Fugly Cakes, drizzle a few drops of water on warmed griddle – if it sizzles, griddle is hot enough to begin cooking pancakes. If there is no sizzle, either start cooking and reap the Fugly Cake consequences, or wait a bit longer.

Using 1/3 measuring cup, pour batter onto hot griddle. Cook pancakes until batter begins to bubble around edges and on top.

When this fails to happen, flip pancakes and char on both sides. Middle will remain uncooked and mushy.

Discard first batch of pancakes and adjust griddle heat accordingly.

Try, try again.

Discard second batch of ironically raw/burnt fugly cakes.

Slowly come to realization that 16 oz of ricotta cheese is double the amount of 1 cup that the recipe calls for.

Call Dominoes.

Serves: 2-4 for medium pizza, 4-6 for large

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  1. Trudi Opad says:

    I am really impressed that you actually included your one and only failure.

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