Door County Coffee & Tea

This is a bit of an extension of my Eat Local Challenge. While coffee beans are not locally-grown in Wisconsin, which didn’t fit my challenge, I did say that I would make an exception and drink only local brews.

Enter Door County Coffee & Tea.

Any of their blends are absolutely to-die-for, but it’s the Highlander Grogg that gets me every time.

Seriously, the Irish creme and caramel combination is so good that if a 7-year-old taunted, “if you love it so much why don’t you marry it?” I’d likely reply (in a rather melancholy tone), “if only that were possible…”

Highlander Grogg, in my mind, is Sean Connery’s brogue plus George Clooney’s charm plus Jimmy Stewart’s honor with Henry Cavill’s (circa 2009) face.

What gal wouldn’t want to marry that, or, in this case, wake up to that?

If the Interwebs had smell-o-vision, be sure you’d get a big whiff. Alas, you’ll just have to buy your own grounds and brew a cup. You won’t be disappointed.


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