Upcoming Contests

We here at Cream City Cuisine don’t enter every cooking and baking contest we stumble across. We do, however, enter most every cooking and baking contest we come across.

There are two such contests to take note of:

1. Cook’s Corner Homemade Apple Pie Recipe Contest

We don’t have a family Apple Pie recipe. We can, however, make a mean crust, we can peel and slice apples, add some sugar and cinnamon…maybe some dried cranberries, flour, lemon juice, and/or walnuts. But we don’t want to do that. Everyone will be doing that.

Instead we’ve developed a super secret Apple Cream Pie recipe to be unveiled after September 25th if we don’t get chosen as finalists or after October 1st if we do get chosen.

2. Journal-Sentinel Holiday Cookie Contest

We’ve got a great recipe for a holiday themed cookie, complete with winter imagery, chocolatey-goodness, a somewhat putzy recipe, and ooey-gooey deliciousness.

The recipe is a family one and will be posted in time for you to bake a batch for your holiday party and wow your friends.

Got any delicious recipes to submit? Feel free to join us in trying to win scads of fabulous prizes whilst simultaneously making food judges incredibly fat.

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