Glossary of CCC Terms

Dessert Sandwich – noun
Enjoying a bit of dessert before AND after your meal because life is uncertain; There are 3 of us and 10 Lofthouse cookies for 1 meal; I think we can, and must, have a dessert sandwich.

Fuglycakes – noun
How the first few round or two of pancakes look before the griddle temperature regulates. Fuglycakes can be identified by features such as being partially folded over before fully cooked, partially burned, fused together with another pancake, torn while flipping, or being cooked against the edge of the pan giving it an odd shape; This morning we’re having pancakes for breakfast, but Jessie has made them so many times that there aren’t any fuglycakes in this batch.

Phalange freezenoun
A brain freeze that begins in your fingers, travels up your arm, and goes straight to you head when mixing cold meat by hand in preparation for meat balls or meat loaf; Ah, can you take over for me here? I’m getting a phalange freeze from mixing this ground beef.

Pizza Madadjective
Originated from a time when the manager of a certain local pizza joint took a pregnant lady’s delivery order, and then promptly threw it away while said pregnant lady waited in vain for her pizza. A level of rage most often experienced in, and applicable to, times of great customer service failure; The manager at Toys ‘R Us really doesn’t know how to do a return on a product that’s been under recall for a week? Really??? One more run around and I’m gonna get pizza mad!

Sandwich Rage – noun
The feeling of futility that leads to an irrational level of anger when attempting to eat a sandwich – cold or hot – brimming with delicious components, only to have all of the filling fall out the back end when you bite into it; I don’t even know why I bother to eat this darn sandwich when it’s just going to fall apart when I bite into it! I have too much sandwich rage to continue; let’s go get pizza instead.

Shamrock Aftershocknoun
The minty fresh breath that one experiences when belching after the consumption of a Shamrock Shake. The Shamrock Aftershock is often an unexpected, yet pleasant minty surprise; Dude, I think I drank my shake too fast and I feel a shamrock aftershock coming.

Smoretarded – adjective
One who is incapable of either creating or eating a smore without making a complete mess of themselves;
It’s just a marshmallow, chocolate, and graham crackers.  How are you so smoretarded?

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